Fast HEVC encoding algorithm suitable for GPU parallelization

In this project we deal with fast HEVC encoding algorithms suited for parallel coding using the GPU. In the recent years the HEVC coding format has become popular and is expected to replace the current used format-H.264. The HEVC format is expected to reach better data compression ability without deteriorating the coding quality.
Therefore, many applications and implementations involving the HEVC format are being issued and many have even offered methods for improvements.

The project is conducted in cooperation with Harmonic and it should be mentioned that our work relies on previous project that was conducted in the SIPL lab and dealt with fast Quad-Tree partition algorithm.
After a literary survey preformed on the topic of fast HEVC encoding algorithms, we chose to focus on the work of R.Fan et al.; called Similarity Based Decision (SBD). Moreover, an implementing of this work is available so we were able to compare the performance of the algorithm.

In our work, we proposed and implemented some methods for parallelization of the SBD algorithm. We reached performance that is not worst then the “serial” implementation of the SBD and even better in some cases.

Following our work, an article dealing with the parallel process of Coding Unit size selection was issued.

Fast HEVC encoding

Fast HEVC encoding algorithm suitable for GPU parallelizatio
Fast HEVC encoding algorithm suitable for GPU parallelizatio

d chosen to be presented in the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing Shanghai, China 2016.