Image Compression using Block Removal and Synthesis

In recent years, we observe a trend of video resolution increase. To support this trend, a constant improvement in compression ratio for the same video quality is required. The HEVC standard, which was officially released in 2013, manages to achieve about x2 improvement over its predecessor, H264 and many researchers explore different approaches to improve it even further. One of these approaches is called block-removal. In block-removal, blocks which aren’t significant for a human observer are removed by the encoder and later filled in the decoder using inpainting methods.
In this project, a block removal scheme was implemented as part of an HEVC encoder-decoder scheme using different inpainting technics. The implemented scheme does not manage to improve the bitrate due to some limitations in the algorithms applied and the lack of change in the decoding order (which is being used in other articles in the field). Nevertheless, the implemented scheme can be easily altered to examine other inpainting technics or distortion measures which might be able to improve the system’s performance.