Algorithmics Cluster Labs Annual Event 2017 (June 5th, 2017)

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Gathering & Poster Session


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Prof. David Malah, Head of SIPL

Data Inside: Machine-Learning at Intel


Dr. Amitay Armon, Intel

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Wilk Family Award 2017 ceremony – SIPL

PDF Logo Video icon Anomaly Detection in Multibeam Echosounder Seabed Scans (SIPL)


Citation in the Kasher undergraduate project contest in the EE faculty

Ron Vainshtein, Itai Cohen

Supervisors: Dr. Alon Amar, Yaakov Buchris

In Collaboration with: Azriel Sinai, Rafael

PDF Logo Video icon A Deep Hierarchical Approach to Lifelong Learning in Minecraft (CRML)


Winner of the Kasher undergraduate project contest in the EE faculty

Shahar Givony, Chen Tessler

Supervisors: Daniel Mankowitz, Tom Zahahvy, Shie Mannor

Break & Poster Session


PDF Logo Video icon Review of Teaching Activity 2016/7 in the Cluster Labs


Nimrod Peleg

PDF Logo Video icon Reality Integrated Online Multiplayer Video Game (CGM)


Citation in the Kasher undergraduate project contest in the EE faculty

Roy Moshe, Yehonatan Kohavi

Supervisor: Aviad Levis

PDF Logo Video icon Neural Processing: From Sampling to Recognition (NBRL)


Citation in the Kasher undergraduate project contest in the EE faculty

Or Raveh, Sharon Rechnitz

Supervisors: Sasha Rivkin, Alon Hazan

PDF Logo Video icon Intruder Detection System for Rural Communities (VISL)


3rd prize winner in the Kasher undergraduate project contest in the EE faculty

Dean Geckt, Amit Enoch

Supervisors: Yossi Bar Erez, Johanan Erez



Posters SIPL annual projects presentation 2017

Project TitleStudentsSupersvisorComments 
Real Time Control of Hand ProsthesisUsing Surface EMGOr Dicker2, Aviv Peleg1, Tal Shnitzer2, Oscar Lichtenstein1Tal Shnitzer
Anomaly Detection in Multibeam Echosounder Seabed ScansRon Vainshtien
Itay Cohen
Dr. Alon Amar and Yaakov Bucris
Hippocampus segmentation in MRI brain scansof mice using same modality image registrationKatya Ivantsiv
Gilad David
Tamar Rott Shaham
Red-Green Pedestrian Traffic Light DetectionNofar Mann
Emanuel Alkobbi
Yair Moshe
Predicting the Existence of Dyslexiain Children Using fMRIChen Cohen
Tom Beer
Yochai Blau
EEG Sensor Fusion For Epileptic Seizure DetectionReut Kassis
Gili Weiss
David Dov
Eye-Tracking by EOG SignalsAlon David
Nadav Magal
Ariel Schwartz
Rodent Bones ClassificationItan Hezroni
Ofek Sivan
Yair Moshe
Super-Resolution In IR Surveillance VideosOri Gil-Ad
Yotam Shilon
Yair Moshe
Infant Cry Detection using Deep LearningOfer David
Matan Fourier
Rami Cohen
City Modeling Using LiDAR-Based Point CloudsOmri Rozen
Idan Yehezkel
David Avidar
Blood Pressure Estimation using a Smartphone CameraShay Shimonov
Ron Gatenio
Yair Moshe
Sirens Detection Algorithm in Noisy Environment for the Hearing ImpairedAriel Yeshurun
Dean Carmi
Yair Moshe