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Speech Signals Database


Baby ChillantoCollection of the Infant Cry data baseInsituto Nacianal de Astrofisica Optica y Electronica, Conacyt, Mexico
CTIMITCellular Telephone Acoustic Phonetic Continuous Speech Corpus (American-English) Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC)The NIST SPeech HEader REsources (SPHERE) Package (Ver 2.5)
FBK-Irst a set of isolated acoustic events in a meeting room enviromentEuropean Language Resources Association (ELRA)Catalog Reference : ELRA-S0296
ISOLETLetters of the English Alphabet Spoken in Isolation ReadmeCenter for Spoken Language Understanding at cslu OGIISOLET corpus was collected in 1990
ITU-T Series P Supp.23speech samples for quality assessments (PESQ) ReadmeITU
KEELETwo sets of data for testing pitch trackers Keele Univ., UKtwo sets of data for testing pitch trackers
MITELMitel DTMF Receiver Test Cassette Datasheet
The Munich Biovoice CorpusA link to the Full paper Technische Universität München, GermanyEffects of Physical Exercising, Heart Rate, and Skin Conductance on Human Speech Production
The Music-Speech CorpusA small collection of some 240 15-second extracts collected 'at random' from the radio by Eric Scheirer Columbia University
N4 NATO Native and Non-Native Speechmilitary-oriented database for multilingual and non-native speech processing studies.Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC)
NTIMIT Telephone Network Acoustic Phonetic Continuous Speech CorpusLinguistic Data Consortium (LDC) Developed by NYNEX Science and Technology
TI-DIGITSSpeaker-Independent recognition of connected digit sequences Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) collected at Texas Instruments, Inc. (TI)
Aurora-2Noisy TI Digits database AURORADifferent noise signals have been artificially added to clean speech data
TIMITTI-MIT Acoustic Phonetic Continuous Speech Corpus Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) contains broadband recordings of 630 speakers of eight major dialects of American English, each reading ten phonetically rich sentences
YOHOSpeaker Verification Corpus Readme Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) training and testing of speaker verification systems that use limited vocabulary, free-text input.
Berlin Database of Emotional SpeechVarious emotions expressed in speech Technical University Berlin Link to full documentation
Blizardsenteces from various speakers<a href="http://" target="_blank">The Centre for Speech Technology Research, Univ. of EdinburghRIFF (wav) format


Noise Signals Databases


NoiseX-92Eight different noises Speech noise, Machine gun,
STITEL , Lynx, F16 ,
Car, Factory,
Operations room
The Duke noise DB10 additive noise sourcesRobust Speech Processing Laboratory Duke UniversityAircraft Cockpit , Babble , City Rain, Flat Communications Channel, Helicopter Fly-by, Automobile Highway, Large City, Large Crowd, IBM PS/2 Cooling Fan, Sun Cooling Fan, White Gaussian Noise
NOIZEUSA noisy speechA link to description paper


Audio & Music Databases


RWC Music DatabaseMusical Instrument Sound National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))Popular Music
Berklee College colletionSelections of sampling archiveThe Berklee College of MusicOVER 2400 SAMPLES (1999-2007)
McGill University Master SamplesLink to McGill info page McGill University
Iowa Univ. music collectionMusical Instrument Samples University of Iowa, Electronic Music Studioswidely used in the field of Musical Information Retrieval
Keyboard Attack and Release28 keyboard keys (a-z, 0-9, Space), thousands of samples of eachSIPL, Dept. of EE, TechnionTaken from from 3 different typists
Cory McKay MIDI collection 950 MIDI recorded music piecesMcGill University, Canada
SIPL songs collectionthousands of song from various artistsSIPL, Technion IITcollected by SIPL studnets


Images Databases


The AR FaceDifferent facial expressions and illumination conditionsThe AR Face Database126 people: over 4,000 color images, Two sessions per person
Caltech256Collection of all 30607 imagesCaltech256 object categories
Computer Vision Test ImagesDirectory of many image test linksCarneggie Mellon University
Finger PrintsFour different databases were collected by using differents sensors/technologiesFVC2004 web site
Image CLEFevaluation forum for the cross–language annotation and retrieval of imagesThe CLEF Cross Language Image Retrieval TrackA part of the Cross Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF)
VisionBibDatabases or Datasets for Computer Vision Applications and Testing
OCTBVSbenchmark dataset for testing and evaluating novel and state-of-the-art computer vision algorithmsComputer Vision OnlineObject Tracking and Classification in and
Beyond the Visible Spectrum
PETS 2016Performance Evaluation of Tracking and SurveillanceIEEE International Workshop on PETS



 AR_Faces   126 Faces in 4000 Viewing Conditions
 Caltech256 30,000 images divided into 256 categorizes
 Computer Vision  Computer Vision Test Images links
 Fingerprints  Still Images (FBI Archive)
 Fingerprints  from Finger prints verification competition FVC2004
 General  Still Images in gray scale and colors
 Hyperspectra  Still Images
THE standard database for pattern recognition tasks from the International Association for Pattern Recognition. Contains about 20,000 different annotated images
 ICPR TC-12 Multimedia and Visual Information Systems
Benchmark for Visual Information Search
 LHI Image Dataset  A Challenging Image Databases and
 Live Quality
 Subjective Image Quality
 Assessment Database, release 2
 Mosaic  MDSP Super-Resolution And Demosaicing Dataset
 Multiview Curve  40 different 2D objects
 OTCBVS  Object Tracking and Classification in and
Beyond the Visible Spectrum
 PETS  Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance
 Puzzles  Puzzles Pieces scanned
 Satellite  Still Images (Various)
 Yale_Faces   10 Faces in 576 Viewing Conditions
 CIF  Video sequences in CIF format
 ETISEO  Video Understanding Evaluation
 HDTV  Video sequences in HDTV format
 HDTV_Other  Video sequences
 ITU601  Video sequences in ITU601 format
 Live Quality Assessment  Subjective  Video Quality
 Assessment Database
 Other  Video sequences
 OTCBVS  Object Tracking and Classification in and
Beyond the Visible S
 PETS  Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance
 QCIF  Video sequences in QCIF format
 SIF  Video sequences in SIF format
 Sub_QCIF  Video sequences in Sub_QCIF format
 Textures  Video sequences
 Tracking People  Movies of people walking
 VQEG  Video sequences
 Utilities  Utilities For Video Watching
eNTERFACE  Emotion database
RML emotion database RML emotion database