SIPL students win the Signal Processing Cup at ICASSP 2020

SIPL students win the Signal Processing Cup 2020

A group of students from out lab won first place in the SP CUP competition at the ICASSP conference.

The winners are:

  • Theo Adrai
  • Samuel Sandrovich
  • David Ben Said


Yair Moshe and Pavel Lifshits


The IEEE Signal Processing Cup competition is the most prestigious competition in signal processing for undergraduate students. This year’s task was the detection of abnormal events in autonomous systems (such as drones or autonomous vehicles). About 30 teams participated in the competition with about 200 students from all over the world. Students were required to develop and implement an innovative algorithm for a dataset created specifically for the competition, as well as to write an academic paper and a technical report describing it.


The competition is held live every year as part of the ICASSP conference, the leading conference in the field. This year, too, the finals were held live but in a virtual form, like the entire conference. The solution that our team has developed for the competition is innovative and is based on ideas and methods from the research by Pavel Lifshits and his advisor Prof. Ronen Talmon.


The competition website:


Team SIPL presentation at the finals at ICASSP 2020: