Wilk Award

The Wilk Family Award for Distinguished Projects in SIPL (Since 2000).

2020Speaker Diarization using Deep LearningMatanel Yaacov,
Shay Avig
Nurit Spingarn
2020Iterative adaptive estimation of underwater channel transfer function based on soft information using turbo equalizationAsaf Gendler,
Nadav Shalev
Dr. Kobi Bucris
2020Proximity Sensor for Smartphones based on Acoustic MeasurementsAndy Rodan,
Zacharie Cohen
Pavel Lifshits, Alon EilamIn collaboration with DSPG
2020 Optical Character Recognition for Old Torah ManuscriptsOhad Kimelfeld, Tal StolovitsOri Bryt
2019Relative Camera Pose Estimation Using Smartphone Cameras and SensorsOmer Movshovits , Guy DascaluOri Bryt

In collaboration with: RAFAEL
2019Early Cancer Detection Using Analysis of Thermal Video Idun BarazaniAviad Levis and Ori Bryt
In collaboration with: HTBioImaging
2019Physics Classroom Augmented Reality with Your Smartphone Yonatan Sackstein, Tom Kratter, Georgee Tsintsadze

Yair Moshe
2019Detection and Analysis of Dolphin SoundsJoel Bud, Guy Shkury

Dr. Roee Diamant Presented in Oceans2019, Marseille, June 2019
2019From Deep Features to Full Image Restoration
Ori Sztyglic

Tamar Rott-Shaham
2018Joint Detection and Localization of Cumulonimbus Clouds in Satellite Images Etai Wagner, Ron DorfmanAlmog Lahav, Dr. Alon AmarIn Collaboration with RAFAEL
2018Audio Retrieval by Imitation SamahKhawaled, Mohamad KhateebDr. Hadas Benisty
2018Blood Pressure Estimation Using a Smartphone Camera Shai Shimonov, Ron GatenioYair Moshe
2017Anomaly Detection in Multibeam Echosounder Seabed ScansRon Vainshtien, Itay CohenDr. Alon Amar, Yaakov BucrisIn Collaboration with RAFAEL (Azriel Sinai)
2017Predicting the Existence of Dyslexia
in Children Using fMRI
Chen Cohen
Tom Beer
Yochai BlauIn Collaboration with Dr. Tzipi Horowitz-Kraus
2017EEG Sensor Fusion For Epileptic Seizure DetectionReut Kassis
Gili Weiss
David Dov
2016Robust Underwater Image CompressionIdo Zoref, Rotem MulayoffAzriel Sinai
, Yair Moshe
In collaboration with RAFAEL
2016Audio QR Over Streaming MediaGal Binyamin, Itai DaganAlon EilamPresented in ICSEE 2016, Eilat, Israel
2016Real Time Control of Prosthesis Using EMGAviv Peleg, Or DickerTal Shnitzer
A short description paper

Link to short demo movie
2015Heart Rate Monitoring during Physical ActivityAviya Maimon, Oz SharlinRami CohenProject paper, Submitted To 2015 IEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING CUP
2015Fast High Efficiency Video Coding
(HEVC, h.265)
Liron Anavi, Avi GitermanYair MoshePresented in ICASSP 2016 Shanghai, China
2015A Video Quality Assessment Prototype SystemTom Mendel, Regev NirYair MosheIn collaboration with IDF Tikshuv
2014Portable Platform for Augmented Reality Apps Gal Stainfeld, Gal AlchanatiYair MosheLink to a short movie demo
President Shimon Peres is palying Pinball
2014Fax In Your Pocket Smadar ShapiraPavel Lifshits, Alon Eilam
2014Activity Classification Using Android Phone Sensors Alon Amster, Yarden Zuckerman Itamar Katz
2013Multi-Camera Human Tracking in Crowd Matan Sela, Ofer GevaYair Moshe
Demo movie
2013Speech Enhancement for Speech
Recognition using Particle Filtering
Asa Dan, Elad ShimoniHadas BenistyAdvisor: Prof. Kobi Crammer
2013Change Detection Using 3D Line SegmentsIdo Ariav , Tom Zohar Meir Bar Zohar Presented in IEEE Israel conference, Eilat, 2014
2012Transient Interference ReductionDavid Dov, Ariel HirszhornRonen TalmonPresented in IWAENC, Israel, Tel-Aviv 2012
2012Shape Recognition for Multi-Touch Table Itay Hubara, Amit NishryYair MosheProject poster
2012Image Quality Assessment Based On DCT Subband SimilarityAmnon Balanov, Arik Schwartz
Yair Moshe
Presented in ICIP 2015, Qwebec, Canada
2011Content-Based Organization of Musical Performers using Self Organized Maps Ariel Tangi, Yair RechterGidi Nave
2011Cast Shadow Detection in VideoElad Bullkich, Idan IlanYair MosheJoint work with: Dr. Hagit Hel Or & Prof. Yacov Hel Or
Presented in IWSSIP 2012, Vienna, Austria
2010Multipath Medium Identification Using Efficient Sampling SchemesRami CohenKfir Gedalyahu
2010Multi-Channel Speech Enhancement in Noisy EnvironmentsNir Kahana , Liav LeviRonen TalmonIn collaboration with: Israel Police Dept.
2010Automatic Change Detection Based On Code-length Differences Lior Gorodisky, Moran AssifDavid BittonIn collaboration with RAFAEL
2009Guitar Tuner for Symbain OS Reut Ochayon, Gilad CohenEvgeni Litvin, Yoav Shechtman
2009Detecting Added Markers and Notes on Printed TextGal Gur-Arye (Mishne), Roee SulimarskiAvishai AdlerIn collaboration with Dr. Yaacov Navon, IBM Research Center, Haifa
2009Object Retieval in Multi-Camera VideoOmri Sociano, Guy BerdugoYair Moshe, Dmitry RudoyPresented in the 18th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2010), Aalborg, Denmark, 2010.

Presented in the 4th International Symposium on Communications, Control and Signal Processing (ISCCSP 2010), Limassol, Cyprus, 2010.
2008Video Packet Loss Concealment Detection Based On Image Content
Dor Shabtay, Nissan RavivYair MosheIn collaboration with RadVision
Presented in the 16th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2008), Lausanne, Switzerland, 2008
2008Lens Motor Noise Reduction for Digital Cameras Avihay Barazany, Royi LevyKuti AvargelIn collaboration with Zoran
2008Real-Time Pedestrian Detection and TrackingElad Roichman, Yaniv SolomonYair MoshePresented in the 3rd European DSP Education and Research Symposium (EDERS 2008), Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2008
2008Detection and Tracking of Deforming Objects Using Active Contours
Kevin Rosenblum, Oded Papish, Meir HatzviOleg KuybedaIn collaboration with Elbit UAV Systems
2007Audio Source Separation With a Single SensorMichal Levy, Kfir GedalyahuGuy Rapaport
2007Automatic Transcription of Polyphonic Piano MusicGur Harary, Yoav ShechtmanZvi Ben-Haim
20073D Object Reconstruction using Da Vinci DSPRaja GiryesAlex Bronstein
Yair Moshe
In collaboration with GIP Lab, Dept. of CS, Technion
Presented in the 3rd European DSP Education and Research Symposium (EDERS 2008), Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2008
2006Intra Vascular Ultrasound Image AnalysisEyal Madar, Mike SumszykOleg KuybedaIn collaboration with MediGuide, Haifa
2006Tracking People Using Video Images and Active ContoursNadav Granot, Zohar TalOleg Kuybeda
2006Very Low Bit-Rate Speech Codec Using Temporal Decomposition Ronen Krupnik,
Erez Cohen
Guy NarkissIn collaboration with Tadiran Communication
2005Face Detection in Video Eran Hertzberg , Tal KenigAssaf CohenIn collaboration with RadVision
2005MP3 Robust Digital WatermarkingRon Dobrovinsky, Stella Lavetman Hadas Ofir
2005Implementation of Bandwidth Extension of Speech Signal on DSPEran Burstein,
Aviram Shmueli
Ariel Sagi
2004Generalized Sampling and Optimal Method for Image ScalingRonny Bretter, Elad KassisYael Erez
2004Detection of Spectral Signature in SONAR SignalAmir Chasdai, Ronen PeisakhErez SabagIn collaboration with MAFAT
2004Automatic Transcrition of Music (WAV to MIDI)Natan Fellman, Yuval PeledHadas OfirIn collaboration with Mobixell
2003one Bit Image Representation for Cellular Phone ApplicationsBoris Reznikovski, Eugene AlianovZvi Dvorkind, Ran Bar-Sella
2003Anomaly Detection in Hyper-Spectral ImagingBoaz Matalon, Ayal HitronAssaf Cohen
2003Gene Predictor Using Signal Processing TechniquesZohar IdelsonYizhar Lavner
2002HMM Based Speech Recognition SystemTal Levinstein, Boaz ShovalAnelia Baruch-Somekh
2002Lossless Image Compression Using Content Dependent Adaptive ScanningVadim Ostrovski, Baruch LevinIlan Sutskover
2002Ancillary Instrument for Piano TunersMoran Klein, Uri GoldHagai Krupnik1st prize in EE students projects contest, 2002
2002Automatic Detection of Location and Face OrientationBaigh Abdu, Shadi Saba, Mordechai Shor-Haham, Tal ShaulAssaf Cohen
2002Real-Time DES Implementation on Motorola Starcore DSPGuy Boudoukh, Tomer GovrinZvi Dvorkind
2001Development of a New Algorithm for Voice ModificationAssaf Rubin
Michael Kats
Yizhar Lavner
2001Progressive Coding for Color Images
George Elias, Eyal ErlichAlon Spira
2001Automatic Video IndexingViki AlmanAssaf Cohen
2000Real-Time Embedding of Digital Watermarking for Audio SignalGeorge Leifman, Eran Borenstein, Tal MizrahiShay Mizrachi
2000erceptual Video Coding, based on Quad-Tree ApproachOri BergerRan Bar-Sella
2000Real Time Implementation of Low Bit-Rate Speech Compression on Sharc DSPArthur Kol, Yaniv ShakedRonen Mayrench