National Awards

2018Spatio-Temporal Detection of Cumulonimbus
Clouds in Infrared Satellite Images
Best Student Paper award in ICSEE, Eilat Dec. 2018Ron Dorfman
Etai Wagner
Almog Lahav
Alon Amar
Ronen Talmon
Yaron Halle
2016Distance Estimation of Marine VehiclesExcellence award in the student competition in the Israel Machine Vision Conference (IMVC2016)Ran Gladstone, Avihai Barel
Yair Moshe
2012Moving Shadow Detection by Nonlinear Tone-Mapping1st prize in Undergraduate Students Competition, IMVC 2012 – Israel Machine Vision Conference.
Ilan Idan, Elad BulkischYair Moshe
2011Object Reidentification in Real World Scenarios across Multiple Non-overlapping Cameras3rd award in Students Competition,
IMVC 2011 – Israel Machine Vision Conference
Berdugo Guy, Soceanu OmriMoshe Yair, Rudoy Dmitry, Dvir Itsik
2002Voice MorphingBest Student Paper award in IEEE 22’nd Convention in Israel
Gideon PoratYizhar Lavner
2000Codebook Design Considerations for Low Bit-Rate Speech Coding Using Joint Segmentation-Quantization Best Student Paper award in IEEE 21’st Convention of the Electrical and Electronic Engineers in Israel

Ronen MayrenchDavid Malah