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Established May 2006, funded by: MAGNET program, Press Release

SIPL research task: Content Insertion to Compressed Video Stream


Pictures (or video) insertion in an MPEG-2 video stream, when done in the pixel domain, requires decoding of the compressed video and then encoding of the frames into a MPEG-2 stream which contains the inserted video. In this activity we plan to design and implement a video-in-video insertion system which works in the DCT domain. This insertion method requires only partial decoding and encoding of the compressed video, while the operations are performed on the DCT coefficients blocks.

By performing the insertion in the DCT domain we can reduce the computational cost and time. This is done while preserving the quality of the processed video sequence.

Industry Partners

Comverse, Bitband, Mobixell, Harmonic, Sintec Media, Orca Interactive


Prof. David Malah Principal Researcher
Nimrod Peleg Project Manager
Yair Moshe Project Engineer
Tamar Shoham Research Assistant

SIPL Projects

Real time content-insertion system into MPEG-2 compressed video
Students: Rafael Michael, Ben Shoham
Supervisor: Yair Moshe

Content-insertion system into H.264 (MPEG4/AVC) compressed video
Students: Yuval Bymel, Dan Vardi
Supervisor: Tamar Shoham