Compressed IF-TEM: Time Encoding Analog-to-Digital Compression

An integrate-and-fire time-encoding-machine (IF-TEM) is an energy efficient asynchronous sampler. Utilizing the IF-TEM sampler for bandlimited signals, we introduce designs for time encoding and decoding with analog compression prior to the quantization phase. Before the quantizer, efficient analog compression is conducted based on the stationarity of the encoded signal, which is a fundamental characteristic of IF-TEM processing. Low-bit-rate reconstruction is achieved by subdividing the known IF-TEM dynamic range into tighter windows, which can be either fixed size or dynamically changed, and detecting in which window the sample resides.
We demonstrate empirically that employing the same number of samples and up to 7% additional bits than the conventional IF-TEM results in a 5-20dB improvement in MSE.
Fixing the reconstruction MSE target and the number of samples, using the compressed IF-TEM enables the use of 1-2 fewer bits compared to the classical IF-TEM.