Gaming Audio Simulator

Sound Simulator is a real-time simulator developed with Unreal Engine 4.25 and STEAM AUDIO. The simulator enables the user to explore the changes of sounds played in a room due to changes in the room’s dimension, the material it’s made of, the location of the sound source and the microphone’s location and orientation. The materials from which the room is made of are defined by some absorption, transmission and scattering values, each correspond with a range of frequencies which can be broadly grouped as “Low/Mid/High” ranges. The user can place multiple sound sources in the room, each assigned with a unique wav file and multiple microphones. In addition, microphones and sound sources can be configured to perform orbital motion during the simulation. As the user adjusts the different parameters in real-time, physical sound-related phenomenon will be heard. In addition, the user will be able to prepare a setup of the scene and run a full simulation which will record the sound as it is heard to each microphone and produce a corresponding "wav" file for further research. Finally, Controlling the simulator can be done via the GUI, as well as with Python for advanced simulations.

simulator view

Gaming Audio Simulator

Demo of the simulator:


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