Webcam Eye Tracking for Children Reading Software

Reading is a relatively important human ability. In order to perform this task, our brain must engage and synchronize several cognitive systems such as cognitive control, language, and visual recessing. The eyes can be used in this case as the “key” to the level of difficulty in synchronization between these cognitive systems. This can be extremely helpful for dyslexic children struggling with their reading.

In this project, we aim to develop reading program for children using their eye movement patterns. Our goal is to identify the readers' eyes while tracking and analyzing their eye movement.
In this project we developed an algorithm in MATLAB workspace. The algorithm's performance was tested using a dataset with images and videos of different readers in wide range of ages and photo conditions using webcam. The algorithm exhibited good identification and tracking analysis abilities.

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Webcam Eye Tracking for Children Reading Software


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In Collaboration with Prof. Tzipi Horowitz-Kraus