SIPL Annual Event 2019 (July 1st, 2019)


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Gathering & Poster Session




Prof. David Malah, Head of SIPL

PDF Logo Video icon Invited Talk: OttoFence – Automotive Cyber Security


Naftaly Sharir

Modern vehicles of today rely on CANBUS networks for all their critical systems. CANBUS is a shared bus architecture. A single misbehaving node can effectively block all network communication say by generating a Denial-Of-Service attack. As most of the cars now are connected cars, this situation may end up with a successful ransomware cyber-attack, up to life threatening attacks. What can be done to prevent this? What is done today and what are the next plans? I will explore possible hardware based Automotive Stateful Firewall solution, and will demonstrate the situation without and with the proposed solution.

Naftaly Sharir is co-founder, CEO & CTO at OttoFence. He is a serial entrepreneur, technical & business leader and manager: HW , SW and systems. He has 30 years of business and technical experience in communication, internet, DSP, audio, video, VLSI and cyber. His reach career in multimedia signal processing, wireless and mobile, began at SIPL and IBM Haifa Research Labs. Following as VP R&D at VDOnet, CEO at Emblaze Semi, CEO at Electronics-Line 3000 Ltd, CEO at Advasense, co-founder at Vitalitix, co-founder at Pixie-Technology and CTO at Terafence. Experience with setting up companies, fund raising (over $40M at few companies), aggregated sales of about $100M , few M&A process, coauthor of about 15 patent applications.

PDF Logo Wilk Family Awards and Outstanding Supervisor Awards Ceremony


PDF Logo Domain Adaptation Using Riemannian Geometry of SPD Matrices


1st prize winner in the Kasher undergraduate project contest in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Gal Maman

Supervisor: Or Yair

In collaboration with Prof. Ronen Talmon & Dr. Danny Eytan (Rambam Medical Center)

Presented at ICASSP 2019

Break & Poster Session


PDF Logo Review of Teaching Activity in SIPL


Nimrod Peleg

PDF Logo Robust Automatic Detector and Feature Extractor for Dolphin Whistles


SIPL outstanding project award winner

Yoel Bud, Guy Shkury

Sueprvisor: Dr. Roee Diamant (School of Marine Sciences, University of Haifa)

Presented at OCEANS 2019

PDF Logo Audio-visual Processing of Speech with Deep Neural Networks


Ido Ariav, M.Sc. student

Advisors: Prof. Israel Cohen

Published in:

  • Signal Processing, January 2019
  • IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Signal Processing, May 2019


Recently, there has been growing use of deep neural networks (DNN) in many modern speech-based systems such as speaker recognition, speech enhancement, and emotion recognition. Inspired by this success, we propose to address the task of voice activity detection by incorporating auditory and visual modalities into a DNN. In this talk, I will survey several classic voice activity detection methods and present two novel multimodal deep architectures for this task. I will demonstrate the advantages of such deep architectures in challenging acoustic environments including high levels of noise and transients, which are common in real life scenarios.

SinGan: Learning a Generative Model from a Single Natural Image


Tamar Rott Shaham, Ph.D. student

Advisor: Prof. Tomer Michaeli

Submitted to ICCV 2019


We introduce SinGAN, an unconditional generative model that can be learned from a single natural image. Our model is trained to capture the internal distribution of patches within the image, and is then able to generate high quality, diverse samples that carry the same visual content as the image. SinGAN contains a pyramid of fully convolutional GANs, each responsible for learning the patch distribution at a different scale of the image. This allows generating new samples of arbitrary size and aspect ratio, that have significant variability, yet maintain both the global structure and the fine textures of the training image. In contrast to previous single image GAN schemes, our approach is not limited to texture images, and is not conditional (i.e. it generates samples from noise). User studies confirm that the generated samples are commonly confused to be real images. We illustrate the utility of SinGAN in a wide range of image manipulation tasks.

Live Demos

  • Manifold learning for data-driven dynamical system modeling, Kobi Shiran & Gal Kinberg, supervisor: Or Yair, presented at ICASSP 2019
  • Android app for pedestrian traffic light recognition, Roni Ash & Dolev Ofri, supervisor: Yair Moshe, in cooperation with the Technion’s Social Hub
  • Physics classroom augmented reality with your smartphone, Yonahan Sackstein & Georgee Tsintsadze, supervisor: Yair Moshe
  • TAKI cards game judge, Shai Lottem & David Shwartsburd, supervisor: Ori Bryt
  • Zero-shot temporal super resolution for video, George Pisha & Eyal Naor, supervisor: Lior Aloni
  • Ultrasonic 3D positioning system with unsynchornized beacons and receivers, Guy Dascalu & Omer Movshovits, supervisor: Alon Eilam
  • Proximity sensor for smartphones based on acoustic measurements, Andy Rodan & Zacharie Cohen, supervisor: Pavel Lifshits, in cooperation with DSP-Group
  • Protractor for smartphones based on acoustic measurements, Shay Avig & Matanel Yaacov, supervisor: Alon Eilam
  • Speech2singing, Yair Yarden & Ofir Kedem, supervisor: Yair Moshe, in cooperation with Elad Keidan


Project TitleStudentsSupervisorComments / CollaborationArchive number
Multi-Microphone Speaker Localization Demo SystemAvi Semo
Alon Saguy
Kobi Bucris
Dr. EvyatarHemo
Anomaly Detection on Chest X-Rays with Deep LearningYair Yarden
Ofir Kedem
Yair Moshe4378
Recognition of PVD based on Walking Pattern Acquired from SmartphoneOri Cohen
Samyon Shahnovitch
Ofer Danino
Erez Fridman
Prof. Aaaron Hoffman4394
Wind Noise Reduction from Speech SignalsAdir Kobovich
Tomer Lerner
Tal Shnitzer4396
Relative Camera Pose Estimation Using Smartphone Cameras and SensorsOmer Movshovitz
Guy Dascalu
Ori Bryt
Adam Wolff
Yehonatan Goldman RAFAEL4409
Correcting Stitching Artifacts In Aerial Images
Using Deep Learning
Tomer Rosenbaum
Dror Kabely
Ori BrytRAFAEL4411
Residual Echo Suppression Using Deep LearningOmer LondonAndrey Zhitnikov4412
Deep Learning for Physics Classroom Augmented Reality AppTom Kratter, Yonatan SacksteinYair Moshe4462
Color Calibration For Smart Product Labels
Gil GelbertOri BrytEvigence (FreshPoint)4464
Robust Automatic Detector And Feature
Extractor For Dolphin Whistles
Guy Shkuryת Yoel BudDr. Roee DiamantHaifa University.
Presented in Oceans 2019 Conference
News Stories Classification Using Online Deep LearningInna Batenkov, Yoni LedermanYaron EzraRAFAEL4509
Revealing Brain State from functional MRI
Yossi Levi, Itzik Merkado,Andrey Zhitnikov4511
Signal Processing Algorithms
Development and Implementation
with Android DSP Lab
Matanel Yaacov, Shay AvigAlon EilamSonarax4515
Android App for Detecting Alarm Sounds
Rachel Gringols, Michal Kuperman Koren
Alon Eilam, Yair Moshe4545
Synthesis Mammography Images Using Deep LearningLotem Manassen,
Inbar Kazes
Yochai Blau , Idan Kligvasser4549
Acoustic Beamformer with a Constant Beamwidth for Planar ArrayRoni Ash, Arkadi GurevichDr. Baruch BerdugoIsrael Police Dept.4570
Respiratory Failure Prediction Based on Geometric
Modeling of Pediatric CCCU Monitor Data
Gal ShachafTal ShnitzerDr. Danny Eytan, RAMBAM Hospital4587
From Deep Features To Image Restoration
Ori SztyglicTamar Rott Shaham, Idan Kligvasser4589
Learning to Deform for Efficient Image
Elad Hirsch, Nadav Eliyahu Tamar Rott, Idan Kligvasser4592
Optimizing Mutual Information in Deep
Neural Networks
Adar Elad, Doron HavivProf. Tomer Michaeli4660
Towards Blood Pressure Estimation Using a
Smartphone Camera
Oded Schlesinger, Nitai VigderhouseYair MosheIn progress4707
Efficient Deep Learning for Pedestrian Traffic Light Recognition
Roni Ashת Dolev Ofri, Yair MosheSocial Hub, technion4708
Material Recognition
through Mobile Thermal Camera Images
Chen Dudai, Barak
Mamistvalov ,
Yair MosheIn Progress4709
Indoor / Outdoor Acoustic Scene Classification
Michael Fisher, Liran BiniashviliAhiad LeviRAFAEL4715
Playing TAKI with Deep Learning
Shai Lottem, David Shwartsburd Ori BrytIn Progress4716
Physics Classroom Augmented Reality
with Your Smartphone
Georgee Tsintsadze, Yonatan SacksteinYair MosheIn Progress4759
Pure Play Ultrasonic 3D Positioning System
with Unsynchronized Beacons and Receivers
Guy Dascalu, Omer MovshovitsAlon EilamIn Progress4778
Pure Play Ultrasonic 3D Positioning System
with Unsynchronized Beacons and Receivers
Guy Dascalu, Omer Movshovits
Alon EilamIn Progress4778
Estimating Image Degradation Model
Using GAN
Amnon Wahle ,Inbal Ben Yehuda Yochai Blau4782
Recognition of Unknown Products in a Shopping CartItay Keinan, Nadav Kadvil Ori BrytSuperSmart,
In Progress
Alarm Sound Detection Using Deep LearningAlon Berkenstadt, Eyal ZadikYair MosheIn Progress4807
Speech to Singing
Yair Yarden, Ofir Kedem Yair Moshe
Elad Keidan,
In Progress
Detecting of Lung Disease in Electronic Stethoscope SoundsChen Katz, Firas Abdel GhaniNurit Spingarn
Detection of Red Palm Weevil With An Acoustic SensorOhad Sharabi, Moshe PniniAhiad LeviEden Farm R&D,
In Progress
DSLR Quality Photos for Mobile Devices Using Deep LearningNikita Balatsky, Ruby Mizrahi Dr. Meir Bar ZoharIn Progress4846
Zero Shot Temporal Super ResolutionGeorge Pisha, Eyal NaorLior AloniIn Progress4853
Zero Shot Temporal Super ResolutionGeorge Pisha, Eyal NaorLior AloniIn Progress4853
Audio Source Separation in Polyphonic MusicEran Menachem, Elad Sherf Eran Zeitouni, Shunit HavivIn Progress4891
Proximity Sensor for Smartphones
based on Acoustic Measurements
Andy Rodanת Zacharie CohenPavel LifshitsDSPG,
In Progress

Laptop Battery HackingNir Chisnevski, Liav EitanPavel LifshitsIn Progress4904
Humanize Synthesized Music Generation Using
Ofir Israel, Ido Gilboa, Nadav Bhonker, Shunit HavivIn Progress4936
Cancer Early Detection
Using Thermal Video Analysis
Idan Barazani Aviad Levis, Ori BrytHTBioImaging4950
Sensor Fusion for Manifold
Based Acoustic
Source Localization and Tracking
Avner Okun, Barak Gerstein,Ori KatsIn Progress4968
Full-body Early Screening of Melanoma
Yotam Afik, Itay ShemerYair MosheMARPE, In Progress
Pathology Detection in head MRI Scans
with Deep Learning
Sharon Elad, Ron MarcusYochai BlauGalilee Medical Center, In Progress5089
Detection of Pool Entrance Using an Acoustic SensorRefael Guetta, Orel PeretzYair MosheSOSENSE, In Progress5100
A Geometric Method for Cancer Tissue
Extraction in Thermal Video
Oriel Shteinberg, Eden-Yakov Eluashvilli, Ya-Wei LinHTBioImaging, In Progress5132
Registration of Thermal and Visual Videos for
Cancer Detection
Josh Lazarus, Or DavidOri BrytHTBioImaging, In Progress5133
Multi Microphone Speaker Localization Demo System
Adir Goldovsky, Dore Kleinstern Alon EilanIn Progress5144
Fuzzy Clustering of PPG Signals for
Visualization as Health Maps
Olga Fomin, Nataly YakovlevskyYair Moshe, Ofer DaninoGoldTech Sino,
In Progress
Automobie Driver
Fingerprinting Using
Machine Learning Methods on CAN Bus Data
Adi Beker, Liran OlierPavel LifshitsOttoFence5162
Analysis of Skin Histopathological Images
Adi Arbel, Zohar Rimon Ori BrytIn Progress5193