SIPL 2020 – Graduate Students Presentations & Posters

PDF Logo Video icon Explorable Super Resolution (oral @ CVPR2020)

Yuval Bahat, Tomer Michaeli


PDF Logo Direct Validation of the Information Bottleneck Principle for Deep Nets (ICCV 2019 Workshop)

Adar Elad, Doron Haviv, Yochai Blau, Tomer Michaeli

Video icon Rethinking Lossy Compression: The Rate-Distortion-Perception Tradeoff (long oral @ ICML 2019)

Yochai Blau, Tomer Michaeli

Video icon Unique Properties of Flat Minima in Deep Networks (ICML 2020)

Rotem Mulayoff, Tomer Michaeli

Video icon Evaluation of Deep-learning-based Voice Activity Detectors and Room Impluse Response Models in Reverberant Environments (ICASSP 2020)

Amir Ivry, Israel Cohen, Baruch Berdugo

Video icon Greedy Sparse Array Design for Optimal Localization Under Spatially Prioritized Source Distribution (ICASSP 2020)

Yotam Gershon, Yaakov Buchris, Israel Cohen


Video icon Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Using Riemannian Geometry

Or Yair, Ronen Talmon

Video icon Time Series Filtering Based on Geometric Signal Modeling

Tal Shnitzer, Ronen Talmon

PDF Logo Recovering Hidden Components in Multimodal Data with Composite Diffusion Operators

Tal Shnitzer, Mirela Ben-Chen, Leonidas Guibas, Ronen Talmon, Hau-tieng Wu