SIPL 2020 – Undergraduate Student Demos


Video icon Alarm Sound Detection Application

Performed by: Eyal Zadik, Alon Berkenstadt
Assisting programmer: Tal Dagan
Supervised by: Yair Moshe

Video icon Acoustic-based Proximity Detector for Mobile Phones

Performed by: Zacharie Cohen, Andy Rodan
Supervised by: Pavel Lifshits
In cooperation with: DSP group (Alon Eilam)

Video icon An Automatic TAKI Judge at the Technion

Performed by: Shai Lottem, David Schwartsburd
Supervised by: Ori Bryt

Video icon Double Date – Pedestrian Traffic Light Detection Application

Performed by: Dolev Ofri, Roni Ash
Assisting programmer: Ayellet Cohen
Supervised by: Yair Moshe
Screenplay, directing, filming and editing: Elad Keidan