Thomas Schwartz award

The award is Named after the late Thomas Schwartz, SIPL’s alumni.

2021Low-Cost 3D Scanner for a Prosthetic Hand Digital FittingGuy Yoffe
Aviv Golan
Shunit PolinskyIn Collaboration with: Haifa-3D
2019Android Application for Pedestrian Red/Green Traffic Light Recognition Dolev Ofri, Roni AshYair Moshe

In collaboration with: Technion Social Hub
2018Identification of Content in Images of Promotional Brochures Gil Gelbert, Ilan MeltzerOri BrytIn Collaboration with Quanta
2017Sirens Detection Algorithm in Noisy environment for the Hearing ImpairedAriel Yeshurun
Dean Carmel
Yair Moshe
2016Objects Removal from Crowded Image Background Guy Weisberger, Asif ZamirYair Moshe and Ori Bryt
2015Tone Mapping of SWIR Images Maya HarelYair MoshePublished in the 28th IEEE Convention of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Israel (IEEEI 2014), Eilat, Israel
2014Motion Analysis Using Kinect for Monitoring Parkinson's DiseaseBen Dror , Eilon YanaiAlex FridPublished in the 28th IEEE Convention of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Israel (IEEEI 2014), Eilat, Israel
2013Feather Color Analysis for the Barn OwlNaftaly KiznerOri Bryt, Yuval BahatIn collaboration with Yoni Vortman, Tel-Aviv University
2012Real Time Airborne Video Stabilization Amit ShavivOri Bryt
2011 Determining Image Origin & Integrity Using Sensor NoiseEli Schwartz, Roi Hochman
Ori Bryt
2010Correction of Prostate Movement During FUS TreatmentTamir Perlh, Ohad YosefEyal Madar
2009Automatic Jigsaw Puzzle SolverLiat Atsmon Leior VaronZvika Ben-Haim
2007Image Reconstruction from Plenoptic CameraNir Berkovich
Gavri Berger
Assaf Cohen
2005Fractional Zoom for ImagesDoron Meiraz,
Shay Fux
Evgeny Margolis,
Dr. Avi Levy
2003Image Compression using Adaptive ScanDror Porat, Tomer MichaeliIlan Sutskover
2001Real-Time Embedding of Digital Watermarking for Audio SignalYuval Cassuto
Michael Lustig
Shay Mizrachi
1999DWT Based Wafer Image CompressionYaron Efrat
Shay Shvedron
Yuval Dorfan