Worldwide Awards

YearWork titleContextStudent(s)Supervisor(s)
2023Psychosis Classification Using Resting-state fMRIThird prize in the IEEE Signal Processing Cup, ICASSP 2023Adam Katav
Gil Kapel
Nir Luria
Nofar Tuval
Roy Shpilberg
Yair Moshe
2022Using a Smartphone for Augmented Reality in a ClassroomBest Demo Award, ECCV 2022Eran Mann
IddoBar-Haim ShovalGerbi
Adam Katav
Dan-Ilan Ben-David
Yair Moshe
2020Unsupervised abnormality detection by using intelligent and heterogeneous autonomous systemsGrand Prize in IEEE SP-Cup, ICASSP 2020David Ben-Said
Samuel Sendrowicz
Theo Adrai
Pavel Lifshits
Yair Moshe
2014Sequential Voice Conversion Using Grid-Based ApproximationBest paper award, IEEE conference Eilat, IsraelHadas BenistiDavid Malah, Kobi Crammer
2009Real time Implementation of Voice Scrambling System

A short demo movie
4'th prize in hArtes (EU Project) International Design ContestNadav Haklai and Noam RabinoviciYair Moshe,
Evgeny Litvin
2006Markov -Switching GARCH Model and Application to Speech Enhancement in SubbandsBest student paper IWAENC ConferenceAri AbramsonIsrael Cohen
2006Real time system for Telephone Bandwidth Extension3'rd prize in Atmel DSP Design Contest Evgeny Litvin, Idan Kepten, Yonatan ShimonovitchOleg Kuybeda, Yair Moshe
2004SPDEMO - A Novel Software tool for Teaching Multimedia Signal ProcessingITRE-2004
Outstanding Presentation
Yair Moshe
Co-Authors: Nadav Cohen, Nimrod Peleg
2001Real Time Digital Watermarking System For Audio Signal Using Perceptual Masking1'st prize in TI DSP and Analog University ChallengeYuval Cassuto
Michael Lustig
Shay Mizrachi