Yeoraz Kasher Award: EE Annual Projects contest

The award is named after the late Yehoraz Kasher.

2020Towards Blood Pressure Estimation Using a Smartphone Camera

To ICASSP 2020 Paper
1Oded Schlesinger, Nitai VigderhouseYair Moshe
2019 Domain Adaptation Using Riemannian Geometry of SPD Matrices
Presented in ICASSP 2019
1Gal MamanOr Yair
2018Unsynchronized Acoustic Indoor Positioning 2Guy Feferman, Michal Blatt
Alon Eilam
In Collaboration with Sonarax
2017Anomaly Detection in Multibeam Echosounder Seabed ScansCitationRon Vainshtien, Itay CohenDr. Alon Amar, Yaakov Bucris
2016Advanced Framework for Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms2Nadav Bhonker, Shai RozenbergItay Hubara
2015Distance Estimaion from Marine Object2 Ran Gladston, Avihai BarelYair Moshe
2014Augmented Reality Pinball
CitationGal Alchanati, Gal SteinfeldYair Moshe
2013Video Quality Assessment3Amnon Balanov, Arik ShwartzYair Moshe
2012Shape Recognition
for Multi-Touch Table
CitationItay Hubara
Amit Nishri
Yair Moshe
2011 3D Camera for a Cellular Phone2 Deborah Cohen, Dani Voitsechov Raja Giryes
2010People metering using mobile devices1Yuval Bahat, Oded YeruhamyRafi Steinberg
2009Real Time Embedded Pedestrian Detection and Tracking2Tal Rath
Eyal Enav
Yair Moshe
2008Lens- motor noise suppression for digital camerasCitationAvihay Barazany, Roy LeviKuti Avargel
2007Flicker Reduction in H.264 Video CodingCitationYair Kuszpet
Dmitry Kletsel
Yair Moshe
2006Content Insertion Into Compressed Video1Assaf Tzabari
Itai Shpak
Dror Porat
Naama Hait
2005Low Cost Motion Estimation and Partitioning Selection Optimization for H.2642Sharon Gingold
Yaniv Mazor
Ran Bar-Sella
2004Anomaly Detection in Hyper-spectral ImagesCitationBoaz Matalon
Ayal Hitron
Assaf Cohen
2003Voice MorphingCitationGideon PoratYizhar Lavner
2002`Ancilliary Instrument for Piano Tuners1Moran Klein
Uri Gold
Hagai Krupnik
2001Digital Video Protection for Authenticity Verification1Oren KeidarRan Bar-Sella
2000Real-Time Implementation of MELP based 1200/2400 bps Speech CoderCitationYaniv Shaked
Arthur Kol
Ronen Mayrench
1999Adaptive Low Complexity Algorithm for Image Zooming at a Fractional Scaling Rate2Nira Ahezaf
Hagit Abramov
Ran Bar-Sella, Ilan Sutskover
1998New Techniques for Video-CD (VCD) Editing2Nir Maor
Erez Ben-Tovim
Ran Bar-Sella
1997Development of an Ancillary Instrument for Piano Tuners2Leizerovich Hanan
Feigenbaum Eyal
Hagai Krupnik
1996Bandwidth Extension of Telephony Speech2Alex Simchovitch
Leonid Sandomirski
Guy Cohen
1995Editing of Video-CD (VCD)1Nir Shachar
Zelig Winner
Ran Bar-Sella
1994Detection of Pilot Helmet DirectionCitationBeni Polak
Yaron Katriel
Zachi Baharav
1994Bit-rate Control For JPEG Compression2Avi Aharon
1993Advanced Techniques for Edge DetectionCitationEli BilouarRon Kimmel
1993Enhancement of X-Ray Images2N.Avraham
Zeev Roth
1992Pattern Detection in Chaotic Functions3G.Biran
Yossi Erlich
Zeev Roth
1992Automatic Tracking of Bird`s Head Movement in Digital Video2Hagai Krupnik,
Ari Shenhar
Amichay Amitai
1991Improvement of TV Pictures (ITV)3Yaron Kahana
Ofer Mendelovitch
Ehud Winner
1990Speech Recognition PC Card2Wagie DallalGal Ben-David
1989A Special Design Technique for Adaptive FiltersCitationAmichay Amitai
Ron Hoory
Yona Leshets
1989Compression of Topographic Maps1Oren Zeev
Oren Ariel
Shmuel Farkash